1st Place 1st Flight-Floyd Potter & Roy Jackson

2nd Place 1st Flight-Jimmy Napier & Wayne McKinney

1st Place 2nd Flight-Terry Bertoch&John Raines

2nd Place 2nd Flight-Mike McDowell & Lyman Gordy

1st Place 3rd Flight-Don Wren & Randy Johnson

2nd Place 3rd Flight-Shannon Brinson & Jerry Brinson

1st Place 4th Flight-Kevin Cobb & Tyler Jones

2nd Place 4th Flight-Ben Amerson & David Ray

Every Wednesday we have our Senior Blitz, we do golf, lunch and prize money. The cost is $25.00 for members

and $29.00 for out of county guests.Come join us for good food and lots of fun.Eat at 11:30 and tee off at 12:00

This week winners  for March 22,2017

Marilyn Gay +11

Gary Bussell +11

Ray Hollingsworth+9

Melvin Johnson +7

Congrats to our winners !

Twin City CC Men’s Golf Association

 5th Annual Masters’ Par-3 Golf & Player Auctions

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017      

Par-3 Golf @ 5:30 p.m., Auctions @ 7 p.m.!

Masters’ Par-3 Golf Outing @ 5:30 p.m. — $10 per person entry fee!


“Blind Draw Auction” on entire Masters’ field, followed by a “Live Auction” on the pre-tournament favorites, beginning at 7 p.m.!!

As we did in 2016, the blind draw bid sheets on this year’s Masters’ field will be available beginning Monday, March 20th in the TCCC Golf Shop. For $20 you get one of the 60 blank lines on our sheet (or you may purchase multiple lines if you like). On April 5th, shortly after 7 p.m., all of the players in the field will be randomly drawn – (the 33 top-ranked golfers will be drawn as individuals) — the rest will be drawn in pairs as we fill the sheet.

  • In case you didn’t make it last year……here’s how it works…let’s say you choose to purchase “line #21” on the sheet…on drawing night we randomly pull and call out “line 21”…and then pull Jason Day’s name…Jason is now yours! Or we may pull a piece of paper that has two golfers’ names on it.
  • Blind Draw Payout – TCCC MGA will keep a portion of the revenue from this event for its involvement in & support of club projects. The remaining $$ will be paid out to the winners – 1st place gets $250; 2nd place $200; 3rd place $150; 4th place $100; 5th and 6th places earn their “money back” $20 prize!
  • After the “Blind Draw” is complete, the fun continues with a “live auction” on the top 15-20 golfers who are considered to be this year’s pre-tournament favorites! Oh, and in case you forgot….2016 Masters’ winner Danny Willett was bought for a ‘whopping’ $30 in last year’s live auction and then, thanks to Jordan Spieth’s unexpected mishap(s) on the 12th hole on Sunday, generated a 1st-place prize of nearly $1,500 for our winner!
  • Live Auction Payout – TCCC MGA will keep 20% of the live auction revenue for its involvement in & support of club projects. The remaining $$ will be paid out as follows – 1st place 40%; 2nd place 30%; 3rd place 20%; 4th place 10% (any ties will be taken into consideration and paid accordingly).